Peter Jones

(ex) Chartered Surveyor, Author and Property Investor

Peter Jones

My name is Peter Jones. I am an ex-Chartered Surveyor, author and property investor. I regularly contribute to Property Auction News and Hot Property Alert, and occasionally to Property Investor News.

Ten years ago I had limited savings and was working part time, just about scraping a living doing consultancy work. Realising that things needed to change, I started to put into practice the principles of property investing that I had learnt whilst advising others in my professional role as a surveyor. Starting with virtually nothing, and using little of my own money, in a relatively short time period I have managed to build a substantial property portfolio with significant equity and a positive cash flow.

The last few years have been an exciting adventure. However, the principles I have used are not “rocket science” and I have been happy to share how I went from owning nothing to being a successful property investor, with thousands of other investors and aspiring investors, through my books and magazine articles.

Almost without exception the properties I bought required renovation. I would then either keep, hold, let out and finance, or I would sell-on at a porfit.

This site is a resource for anyone who wants start in property renovation but doesn’t know how, or who has started but who wants to do it better.